Saturday, May 29, 2010

MY UGLYDOROTHY just came out with a new skin! Well actually three, but I'm only gonna review one of them. Cause let's face it -- I'm not made of Lindens. Strippers really don't make as much as they used to. Oh, I kid (not really), but yes! Sopha Portal has come out with three new skins as of today! I'd like to think this is her way of paying respects to the now late Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. Plus when life gets bad, something good is always waiting around the corner! MY UGLYDOROTHY is the epitome of good. First of the three skins released today was a Vienna skin (seen in my last & first MY UGLYDOROTHY review) in pale. Why in pale? Well if you actually listened to me and checked out the Vienna skins released by Sopha a while back, they were all pretty darkish. Even the light one kinda looked a little sunkissed to me (Blair had to tell me the skin didn't look sunburnt -- No joke). Apparently, the sunkissed look didn't go over well with everybody, so Sopha made it right. Afterall, the customer is always right (unless their name is Rosalie Tenenbaum). The second of the skins released by Sopha is Drew. Now Drew isn't being reviewed here. I loved how it looked in the ad -- I really did, but when I tried on the demo, it just didn't look as cute. Bummer for me, I know right? It's still bleeds with adorable as does the skin released today that I actually am going to review.

*waits for it*

Like that dramatic pause there? The one that made you just explode into a mess of blood and anticipation? Yeah, I thought so. The skin I am about to unveil for your viewing pleasure (possibly for the first time) is Sue. Oh Sue, Sue, Sue. To get off topic a little bit, every time I see Sue, I think of the Mary Sue Litmus Test and my own intelligent ego smacks me with a smile. So you can imagine the smile I get when that name Sue is associated with my love for MY UGLYDOROTHY. Now multiply that smile with the smile I get when I see teeth-skins. That's right! Sue (and Drew) have teeth-skin options! But not everyone belongs in a circus like I do, so for those of you who are not as excited about teeth-skins as I am, each skin comes with a normal mouth option too. Most teeth-skins have both so this isn't surprising, but I don't care! You get the best of both worlds! *cues death by Miley Cyrus music now*

Teeth-Skin option for *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Sue_04

Normal Mouth option for *MY UGLYDOROTHY - SUE_04

Now onto the skin itself: I'd be lying if I said it was perfect, but it's pretty damn close. Honestly, perfection is something hard to achieve if achievable at all. And now that you've got my deep thought of the day -- THIS SKIN IS SO ADORABLE. It looks like it has an azn (spelling out asian is for losers) feel to it that I think is adorable. With the outfit I'm wearing, I'd even beg to say this skin is Tokyo Pop. My favorite part about the skin though? The lips. They're small, they're thin, and they make you look like you're as sweet as pie. I could seriously be wearing bondage gear in these photos and this skin would have made me look...well, nevermind. You'd have to wear a cupcake pacifier, pandabear backpack, this skin, and maybe glowing wings to look like an angel in bondage gear. But the skin would be included! One stepping stone closer to being just another devil in a sweet as cake disguise!

My final words: This is a definite check out. I'd check them all out, to be honest. Demo them all! Demo everything in the store! Buy something while you're there! ALSO: Join the MY UGLYDOROTHY group and win exclusive skins on the lucky boards as well! Can't lose if you don't try, am I right?


Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Sue_08 (teeth)
Hair: [ Love Soul] - Hair+Cap*45-B* (Cocoa)
Eyes: !tb (Tres Blah) - Blue Eyes
Cardigan: -LMK- - Long opened cardigan (Green)
Shirt: Beggar's Banquet - BBT-Shirt 063 3
Bottoms: "NINIKO" - Suspender Pants

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty Faced


Hair:[ 69 ] ME - Dark Mocha
Shape:Blairy blairs shape test 2
Dress:(Elate!) Elle Night Dress
Earring:P.C; Pearl Cluster Stud
Ring: P.C; Water Over Wine Ring
Necklace:P.C; Agate Bib Necklace
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Love

This Skin

So Much.

This skin. I can't even tell you how much I love it. It's by JM:Mai. I'm wearing the [n] shade (I am assuming that stands for nude). To me, this skin screams cuteness, but not just cuteness. There's something fantastical and sweet about it too. I'd like to think if Princess Peach were an av (and not those badly textured ones you find on XStreet), she'd wear this skin. Just because it is her. And I don't care that this skin reminds me of Princess Peach. I love it anyway. Especially since it really fits me, it does!

My final words: Check out JM:Mai for your skin needs. Demo them all (there were alot there I didn't like and heaven knows no one wants to end up with something that looks strange or doesn't fit who you are). Definitely check out this skin too. I really can't imagine it looking bad on any av. Oh I forgot to tell you what the skin is called? Vivian.


Skin: JM:Mai - vivian[n]pure
Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)
Eyes: !tb (Tres Blah) - Blue Eyes
Top: !Ohmai - Basics Tube Bra (Blank)
Pants: [SC] Surf Couture - Yoga Pants (Seafoam)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

C'est La Vie

So I was online looking at dresses and I came across a Marchesa red bow dress. Yes it was featured on Gossip Girl. So I decided to re-create the look in sl. Here is the inspiration:

Here is my creation :

Dress- >TRUTH< Martini Dress [holly] Old group gift.
Skin- -tb- Hiccup Pale Skin - Painted Lady
Hair- >TRUTH< Tia - auburn
Necklace- P.C; Topaz Crystal Necklace
Earrings- P.C; Pearl Cluster Stud
Shape- Strumpet: Blairy blairs shapey shape

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Rosie, do yo chores!"

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's off to work I go!

Working hard? Or hardly working?

All work & no play makes Rosie a dull girl!

My final words: Whoa Rosie! You don't normally do a 'my final words' for photo posts! Well, I'm gonna now. Why? Because I love this skin. It reminds me of kittens, and cotton candy, and everything good in the world. Definitely go down to Romi and check out all the skins there, because I can tell you that the others are just as cute and fluffy!! They even have teeth skins too!!


Skin: Romi:: - Amy (Double Eyelid - Medium)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Justine (honey)
Eyes: !tb (Tres Blah) - Blue Eyes
Lingerie: *Fishy Strawberry* - Laundry Day Dark

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I really hadn’t planned on writing anything today. After a weekend of beach camping with the family and fighting off the worst head cold in the history of everything ever (I may be being dramatic – don’t quote me), I figured I could take a few pics, post what I was wearing, and be done. Oh – no, can’t do that now. Not since Keiko Morigi announced her store opening. Once that notice hit my viewer, I was there lickity split to pick up my copy of the new &bean Hounds of Love skin. I even got to talk to Keiko herself a little bit (Nice lady, might I add) because I was there so freaking fast.

There is a part of me that dies a little everytime I see this skin. Not because I hate it. No, I love everything &bean does. I’m a &bean fangirl! It’s just different from the group gift Keiko gave us earlier. The nose, while adorably designed, isn’t the same nose I fell in love with on the gift. That’s not a big problem though. It still looks adorable enough to eat (like Natalie Portman!) but a bigger issue for me is the eye makeup on some of the skin makeups.

This is more of a personal issue, so it should really be taken lightly in your own decision-making, but I don’t like to wear prim lashes. It’s just one more thing I need to edit before leaving my house. Yeah, extra time spent away from shopping and friends? No thanks. Editting hair takes long enough in my opinion. But a lot of these skin makeups are pretty drastic, over the top, couture-ish (to me), perfect for costumes/roleplay, and look kinda silly without prim lashes. Again that’s my own opinion, so take it lightly. I probably wont wear a lot of these skin makeups for that reason, but there are others that are awesome. My favorite for one is the Lamm makeup, but I also adore the look and feel of Korp, Rav, and Hjort. Either way, Keiko did a great job putting all her effort into this line and &bean still remains one of my top skin stores.

My final words: Sorry that ended oddly. As I said at the beginning, I really hadn’t planned on writing anything today. But for my final words on &bean’s new Hounds of Love line? Definitely demo it. Buy it if it fits you, but demo it. Demo them all! And don’t forget to stop off and pick up Keiko’s little 50L gift at the store! Did I mention the gift! Oh yes! There’s a gift! Only 50L too!



Skin: &bean - Hounds of Love (Lamm - 1 brow)

Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)

Eyes: !tb (Tres Blah) - Blue Eyes

Dress: Tiny Bird - St Augustine Dress (White)

Location: (Elate!) - Summer Beach Cottage In-World Demo

Tit for Tat

Shoes- [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps
Tights- !O Light Tights
Dress- !O Light Dress
Earrings- P.C; Pearl Cluster
Skin- []::Tuli::[] Sayuri tone 1
Hair- !lamb. Witch - Ink
Bracelet- P.C; Spring Multi-Stone Cuff

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grim Grinning Ghosts (My Trip to Mouse World)

"Now smile nice & say 'Mickey!"

"What do you mean we're going on the Haunted Mansion next?!"

Hair: >TRUTH< - Peaches (honey)
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Vienna-L017
Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes
Dress: "NINIKO" - Natural Tunic (Black)
Shirt: [enc] (enchanty) - KUMA
Pants: Adjunct - Milano Jean (Without Braces)
Shoes: 50 Flats - Black Basic
Purse: =IZUMIYA= - GG Gamaguchi(11)Black
Ears: *Danzing* - Mickey Mouse Ears (Black)


When the crypt goes creak,
And the tombstones quake.
Spooks come out for a swinging wake.
Happy haunts materialize,
And begin to vocalize.
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

Now don't close your eyes,
And don't try to hide.
Or a silly spook may sit by your side.
Shrouded in a daft disguise,
They pretend to terrorize.
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

As the moon climbs high o'er the dead oak tree,
Spooks arrive for the midnight spree.
Creepy creeps with eerie eyes,
Start to shriek and harmonize.
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

When you hear the knell of a requiem bell,
Weird glows gleam where spirits dwell.
Restless bones etherialize,
Rise as spooks of every size.

If you would like to join our jamboree,
There's a simple rule that's compulsory.
Mortals pay a token fee.
Rest in peace, the haunting's free.
So hurry back, we would like your company.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sail On Silver Girl


Hair-Fri.Day - Carrie - Delighted Blond
Skin-[]::Tuli::[] Sayuri tone 1
Dress-!WigWamBam/Silver Sequin Girl Face
Necklace-.+*AA*+.Layered necklace
Shoes-[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps
Poses- Sits in Vista Pure Lady AO

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sorry Ms. Jackson

Oh, Neuilles, Neuilles, Neuilles. You have done it again. And by it, I mean you stepped in my mom’s petunias, you naughty minx. Not really, but you have given me two awesome new dresses/tops to review. And they are awesome – with a capital…you get the idea. They may be the same top in different designs, but they sure gave me two different themes. To be honest, I like that! Especially cause the themes are so different!

“Oh Rosalie, what themes did these tops/dresses give you?” See what I did there? I made it seem like you were interested. I know, I know, I’m talented. But to answer your (my) question, the themes were NYC socialite (or Gossip Girl) and Earth Angel. Gossip Girl because the first top/dress (the black and white one seen above) reminded me instantly of a socialite in New York City. It’s busy with a trendy feel that paired with almost anything can make you seem like you just walked out of Gucci while also giving you that high-end club look for the party scene. Heck, it can make you look just plain well put together if you just feel like chillaxing with your buds. I’m not even joking either! Paired with some boots, some tights, some skinny jeans and ballet flats, or even some leggings and fashionable heels – This top/dress can look good with it all!

Now, to be honest, I’m not wearing the attachment sleeves for that top/dress in the pictures above. I know I should, but they actually got in the way of my posing since when my arm folded up, the sleeves went straight out and looked strange. Not like that mattered because Neuilles did an awesome job putting the top together without the attachments that it looked incredible anyway. So you really can wear them or not, whichever way you want and you will still look good. But for an example of how the attached sleeves look, just look below.

This is Earth Angel. I know no other way to describe this. The ethereal, angelic look of this dress/top matched with MY UGLYDOROTHY’s Vienna skin and Truth hair just brings it too a full circle. I really can’t find anything bad to say about this look. It’s flawless to me. Flawless and beautiful. If I were a dude, I’d hit on my av in this look. …Yes the doctors are on call. But this isn’t a look for everyday unless you dgaf what others think. I’d say it’s good loungewear, good costume party wear, and good roleplay wear. Then again, maybe something will come to you that didn’t come to me. Maybe add a pair of jeans to give it a springy/summer look. This top/dress isn’t exactly static itself. Mix & match! For now, I know for me this theme and this look just takes my breath away. Without this dress, the theme and look would only be a partial print in our big fingerprint analysis machine called Second Life fashion.

My last words: There was another skirt and some leggings that came with this outfit (that matched this outfit) that I decided not to use. I loved them too, don’t get me wrong, but they just didn’t match the themes the way I wanted them to. But that doesn’t matter. These tops/dresses are cute regardless if I didn’t use the complete outfit or not and are enough for you to go check them out today. Heck, buy them. Especially since you can always experiment with looks and mixing and matching. Nothing on SL is stuck in it’s look. Play around with yo clothes! – and these are perfect tops/dresses to play around with! So buy them. I doubt you’ll be sorry (don’t quote me on that – results may vary).


Outfit 1:

Hair: >TRUTH< - Jana (Toffee)

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Vienna-L09

Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes

Top/Dress: :NuDoLu: - A bout de souffle

Boots: Maitreya - Billow Boots (black)

Coffee Cup: -mix and match- - Starbucks Coffee Grande (freebie)

Outfit 2:

Hair: >TRUTH< - Jana (toffee)

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Vienna-L09

Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes

Top/Dress: :NuDoLu: - A bout de souffle

Tights: *Sheer* - Opaque Black

Boots: Maitreya - Billow Boots (black)

Purse: -tb- (Tres Blah) - Chic Satchel (black)

Outfit 3:

Hair: >TRUTH< - Peaches (honey)

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Vienna-L014

Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes

Top/Dress: :NuDoLu: - L'Amour a vingt ans

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vanity Fair 2045

Hair- !lamb. Witch - Snickers
Skin- []::Tuli::[] Sayuri tone
Shirt- MEB : White shirt
Pants- fri. - Iunno Jeans (Dark Wash)
Shoes- [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps
Earrings- LaGyo Imagination Earrings
Belt- [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Red
Bracelet- Meb ( is attached to shirt cuff)