Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet Yuda

Skin – (vive9) Marianne [pale] BabyDoll
Shirt – K&CO - Song Bird - Coral 2
Pants – (Milk Motion) my boyfriend jeans
Shoes – 50 flats - Boat shoes milk chocolate
Hair - Clawtooth: The Seas Met - AutumnMix
Pose – Kara Lee: Hello
Shape - Strumpet- Blairsy Blair Shape
Glasses - (epoque) Double-Bridge Logo Frames
Ring - (Elate!) White Rose Ring
Bracelet - *Ticky Tacky* Boho Hobo Bracelets

Monday, April 26, 2010

Im a walking...

Fab Pony. Fab Pony. Fab Pony..... I could say this name so many times and not lose the huge smile on my face. Fab Pony is the dress up trunk we would have wanted when we were younger. The bright colors, beautiful fabrics and just over the top amazing-ness is evident at EVERY corner of the store.

I tped in and I was like a pin ball hitting every inch of that store. Taking in the Ballet Tops, Shiny tops and just the cutest peacock earrings. She has some amazing skirts and tanks that are just perfect for summer! So go on down and bring your L's, Sugar daddy's and go wild, becuase every one of you will want to own every item!!

So I have been on this skirt kick lately and I when I rezzed at Fab.Pony it was like fate that my cam locked in on this beaut of a skirt. I mean look at it! Short, shiny and just the best summer skirt. You can start off with working at the office, wear it shopping then move on to a great party. I mean heck if you also want to jet off to Paris and jump off the towers go ahead you will look amazing doing. FAB.PONY Sparklez Skirt for the win!

Ok so now on to what pulls the look together, this shirt is just like amazing. The steel color is by far the best seller and you can see why. Its a color you can wear with anything. I have paired it with Emery jeans, my cute lil shorts and of course the FAB.PONY Sparklez Skirt, the "Twizzler" Top is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for months to come. I love the way it fall's right above the waist, and the prim is like the most stress-less thing in SL. I hate having to spend 8 hours editing a prim. Its scripted to its like one, two BAM you are done.

The final piece is the Peacock earrings I love so much, you all know that I have an addiction to peacock anything, shoes, hair pieces, jewelery, dresses etc. These earring are perfect becuase they are just classy. The length works becuase they arent to short yet also dont dig into my shoulder. They showcase a beautiful bird that makes any girl wearing this amazing icon feel powerful and flirty.

Side note on a few of the items im wearing: my glasses... OMG, I am never taking them off. Ask Rosalie I have been wearing them for four days straight. They are old glam Hollywood and are great for added sass ;) My Catnip bracelet is actually Golden Girls and plays the theme and I click it all the time and I just want to get an old lady av from Wigglesworth and have a tea party.

Tatianna the creator of Fab.Pony is a genius and we are all lucky to be able to wear such art. She knows what girl's want to wear and she just has the best sense of style. So thank you Tatianna, for being such an amazing designer.

Items worn:
Shape: Blairsy Blair- Custom made by Hotdogs Miami
Skin: [Tuli] - Sayuri (Tone 1 - Group Gift)
Shirt: FAB.PONY "Twizzler" Top
Skirt: FAB.PONY Sparklez Skirt
Necklace: (Yummy) - Nautical Charm Necklace
Glasses: DUBOO* - Vintage Hollywood sunglasses
Hair: >TRUTH< - Harlow (Mocha)
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals (White - 50L Friday)
Eyes: *{Kiko Life}* - Realistic Eyes (Ambergris
Bracelet: .:-CatniP-:. Friendship Bracelet =D

Once Upon A Dream


I love NuDoLu. I love NuDoLu’s creator. I love this look. What do I name this look? Modern Day Sleeping Beauty. It just fits for me. The blonde hair, the &bean skin, and the adorable pink top that seems to remind me of Princess Aurora’s pink ballgown but remain pajama looking at the same time…it just screams with ‘my prince is coming so let me dream of him’. I’ve got to admit too, I’m a sucker for anything as saccharine as fairy tales so the look in itself just warms my heart and brings the little princess inside of me out to play and wonder. I’m just really in love with this. Purely, purely in love.

Now, to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the pants (as seen in photos below). They seem a little pajama-like to me, not that that’s a bad thing for a lot of other people who dig this look. I’m just not the kind of girl to go traipsing through Second Life in what I think look like pajamas. With that said, in an at home and lounging situation or pajama party setting, these pants are effing adorable. They will make those around you shit kittens. I’m not joking, just ask Blair.

The real star of this post though is that top. OMG IT’S ADORABLE! It brings the Sleeping Beauty feel into a complete circle. Not only did this top look good with my Iunno Cuffed Jeans and Surf Couture Shoelace Sandals, but it looked good with its outfit’s pajama pants. I’m pretty sure it would also look awesome with a jean miniskirt, pair of sweatpants, random hipster bloomers (shoutout to Scribble)… heck you name it, this top would look adorable with it. It’s the top to end all tops, no joke. And this is coming from someone who avoids the color pink like the plague and I am telling you I love this top. It’s the second coming of Jesus! I cannot stop raving about this top! Well done, Neuilles Neuman, well done. I would give you a golf clap, but this is internet and you can’t hear it so I would just be clapping to myself. And that’s weird.

My last words: The pants aren’t bad. Not my cup of tea, but they’re adorable and definitely worth it if you love this look. The top, buy it. It goes with everything. I’m pretty sure this top would even make a goth outfit look like heaven. Okay maybe not, but it’s still definitely good investment, IMHO.


Outfit No. 1:

Hair: Clawtooth - Lovely Liz Pony (Bombshell Blonde - Stumblebum)
Skin: &bean - Pillow Light (five)
Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes
Top: :NuDoLu: - je suis un oiseau Tops (saumon)
Pants: - Iunno Jeans (Cuffed - Dark Wash)
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals (White - 50L Friday)

Outfit No. 2:

Hair: Clawtooth - Lovely Liz Pony (Bombshell Blonde - Stumblebum)
Skin: &bean - Pillow Light (five)
Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes
Top: :NuDoLu: - je suis un oiseau Tops (saumon)
Pants: :NuDoLu: - je suis un oiseau Pants (foret)


Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Post Has Been Rated S for Syphillis

Yeah, I know my leg prims need fitting. Thx, Captain Obvious.


Let me start off by introducing myself to all of you fantabulous readers (all 2 of you, yay!). My name is Honey and I’m gonna put my sweet syrup all over you. …Okay…so I’m not Honey, but how badassed would it be if I was? Either way, I'm Rosalie Tenenbaum and I am here to review the DP Serendipity dress I’m wearing in the above picture and picture below. Now, I have no idea if this dress is new. Nor do I care. I like it and I don’t have any new shit to review yet anyways, so I’m going to review something I already love.

Not only does this dress scream with adorableness (which it does), but it’s functional. I mean with that big poofy skirt I can smuggle a small dog, small child, bag of potatoes, AK-47, entire zombie survival kit, and Jesus Christ on cheese toast without anyone noticing. I jest, I jest. I for one truly do love poofy flexi-skirts. With prim skirts, your legs pop out and I have a really hard time fitting them onto my body. I have a thin av. I’ll admit it, I’m abnormal. I’m sorry I’m not curvy or average, but curvy and average just feel wrong on me. Trust me, I’ve tried. Plus, not all girls are the same in real life, right? Why should all avs look the same then? Anyway so, if you have a thin av as well, you can imagine what trouble one may have with prim skirts, especially if the skirt in question is made for an averaged bodied av.

With this skirt, I felt like it fit me just fine without any extreme tinkering and still looked adorable. Not only that but these sort of baby doll dresses can really make the most masculine looking av look like an angel that was just pooped out by a Hello Kitty drag queen. So it looks like kittens and rainbows, makes you look like kittens and rainbows, and these dresses match a beach/lounge/DGAF theme perfectly. I know, right? What can’t this dress do? Well our theme today was ‘Going to the Boardwalk to Get Ice Cream’ and I can tell you that in real life I would probably wear a dress like this to a boardwalk. Heck, if this dress really existed, I’d wear this exact dress. I’d also wear a bathing suit under it so I could rip it off and jump belly first into the ocean, but that’s a story for another day.

My last words: This dress is awesome. Buy it now. Oh, you’re busy waxing your unibrow? I don’t care… buy the dress. You have to visit your great grandfather’s stepbrother’s cousin twice removed who has a lisp and a bladder infection in the hospital? That’s nice – buy this dress first. He has another 3 minutes to live anyways.


On me (the one on the left in the DPS dress):

Hair: - Cameron (Moody Brown)
Skin: &bean - Pillow Light (one)
Eyes: Tres Blah - Blue Eyes
Dress: *DPS - amenohini-odekake (blue)
Bandaid/Socks: Reek - Bandaids (Plain)
Sandals: *OB* - Simple Sandals (Camp Gift)

And on Blair (she's the one who's not me):

Hair: >TRUTH< - Harlow (Mocha)
Skin: [Tuli] - Sayuri (Tone 1 - Group Gift)
Eyes: *{Kiko Life}* - Realistic Eyes (Ambergris)
Shirt: ::SUGARCUBE:: - dolly border balloon dress (navy - tops 2)
Belt: (Elate!) - Ana's Owl Belt (Brown - JL)
Shorts: [PACADI] - Feroldi Panties (black)
Necklace: (Yummy) - Nautical Charm Necklace
Glasses: DUBOO* - Vintage Hollywood sunglasses
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals (White - 50L Friday)

Pictures taken by: Karalee Aeon

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Time & Lovers Lane

Hello!, it has been the almost a month since my last post! I know I know UNFORGIVABLE! I have had so much on my Lil plate that I had to put this on the back burner and I missed it horridly! So To catch you up on some fab clothes and the life of Blair!

This past week I got partnered to the amazing Hotdogs Miami, it was a world-wind romance and I am the luckiest gal alive! We decided to take some amazing pictures together <3

Cute huh?

Ok back to clothes! This little piece is a new staple in my wardrobe. ROMPER!!!!!!!! I mean who doesn't look at a romper and not feel like running around in flowers and playing tag? Kenzie Craven the mind behind KCO made a set of these beautiful rompers from 80's style to my favorite which I am rocking with my Happy Finds necklace. I also went over to 50 Flats and got there gift and its a box filled with about 4 pairs of different shoes from a great pair of boat shoes to these little stunners.

More on Happy Finds, this store is up and coming. The necklaces are to die for from the owl necklaces to her many other creations give you a taste and style for any need you my have fashion wise. She also has some cute dresses and skirts! I urge you all to go down and check this place out!!!

Ok now in this lovely picture I am rocking the 50 L dress from Elate and can I just say LOVE LOVE LOVE! The neck bow and tiny dot pattern had me jumping up and down like a little kid. Styled with my favorite lamb hair (witch) and my go to pair of heels (LMK) I felt classy, yet carefree at the same time.

Lastly the crown jewel of this post is my rocking skin from Imabee's new line Vivian. This one is titled "Vivian Meets The White Queen" and when I was dropped these I died. The skins are so vibrant and soft. The make on this one is subtle and a tad ashy which I love, it gives that slight blush to the cheeks. The whole Vivian line is based off of Alice In Wonderland. Don't worry I will for sure have more pictures up of all the different ones!

Special thanks to KaraLee Aeon for taking my lovely pictures!!!




Happy Finds

50 Flats