Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So its been nothing but rainy and bleek irl and I have been tres blah so I decided I needed a change. Whats easier than a change of an avi? Nothing! So I went and got a complete makeover and boy do I love it!

First was the shape and was made by my lovley friend Jaia Piers, its shorter, cuter and a whole lot more fierce. Jaia makes shapes and I have to say she has great prices and you all should contact her for some demos!

I paired the shape with a lovley skin I got from Vive going out of Biz sale ( which has ALOT of goodies). I am wearing Bella and its the right amount of tan and glitz that I crave. I will be very sad to see Vive go away, but I am sure that its not the last we will hear from them...

For the clothes and accessories... I went a tad overboard as always :D I started off by going to [BUTT-ERR] and oh boy it was abuse for my Linden. I started off buying 3 shirts, a piercing set, one hair, tattoos, a pair of AMAZING glasses and then my Bandeau <3 Becca Beebe the owner of [BUTT-ERR] has some amazing freebies and dollarbies so make sure to check her out! My jeans are from a store that I am going to blog about tomorrow so you have to hold on a day! I know, evil!!!

And lasty, the weave on my very cute head is from Mustache... I cannot get over this hair its like pure bliss. The side pony, the slight poof and the band. I mean cmon who doesnt want this? Mae Liamano is a genius and has some amazing gaga items that she made. If you have seen Telephone and fell in love with the coke hair.. Well just saying go OVER NOW! More to blogged on this lil lady further in the week! Keep your eyes peeled!

The faboosh ladies pictured above are Miss Lady D and Mae Mae my soulmate. Thank you!



Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Next?

This past week I was reading a friends blog (Hi Puma!), and I saw this furniture set that she had written about. Being the curious one I am, I needed to see it for myself and boy was I taken!

Walking in you find yourself immersed in beautiful, low prim creations. I bought the Ciel set becuase I was given a Skybox by my fab builder friend Kittie Renfold and I wanted to go for the beach house look. The Ciel set was that and more.

I couldnt wait to go home and rezz! When I finally did I was overwhelmed by all the goodies from cute candles to heart shaped topiaries to my favorite item... The fireplace.I have seen many fireplaces in SL and this one takes the cake hands down. The fire has a realistic look, the sound of the crackling and sputting of embers had me in a trance for hours.

This 23 piece set is no more then about 100ish prims at most. A whole living room set with quality and low prim?!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and fall in love with these sets. I know that when you gaze upon the paintings, cute bedroom and out door garden sets you will be a What Next fan for life.

Amazing pictures taken by KaraLee Aeon

What Next

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Rezz day

sblair's Rezday 11
Originally uploaded by .Lyric Artful.
This isnt going to be a post about what im wearing but just to show you an awesome picture <3


Props to Lyric Artful!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Circle Time

So I was sitting around and trying on dress after dress, shoe after shoe and I was hit with the fact that I needed to get on with the Blogging... So TADA I am here <3 I dedicate this first posting to Nottinto Telling <3. She has been the wind beneath my wings
I went to The Circle Project and I fell In LOVE with *BOOM* Tamed dresses ( Avail at Booms main store, not a circle project exclusive) I also fell in love but those marriages fell through... I have been on this backless dress kick and it was perfect the textures are crisp and the side slits add a little naughty to a very beautiful dress. I paired this dress ( Which I built my look around) with Fri.Day's new Hair Carrie which I am head over heels for <3

The crowning jewel is the necklace I am wearing I fell in love with it, the best part of this necklace that I love is the metal and stone changing. It can go with any dress and cmon who doesn't love that? I urge you to all go look at the pieces they have. The skin worn throughout is *Cupcakes and ahhhh I love them, I cannot say enough about them so to keep it short go check them out!

*** Pictures taken by Aidan Valeska <3