Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gemma Ward?! Iz Dat You?!

Don't I wish! Gemma Ward is one hot model. I don't care if one of my exes said she looked like a frog. He was just jealous he didn't have flawless skin, beautiful eyes, and a model contract. She's pretty enough to have SL skins modeled after her at Mother Goose's skin shop and now she has another skin store under her belt (like she cares)...JM:Mai! JM:Mai's new line of Gemma skins came out today in w (white/pale), tan, and dark tan. The w skin has a dimple line too, which would be adorable if I could tell the difference between the w normal skins and the w dimpled ones. I however bought the tan version of JM:Mai's Gemma. Why? Because this skin has more options. Not only does it have the normal makeup versions, but some funky eye makeups, lipsticks, and a few skins that feature a little bloodier of a look.

Now, teeth skin can be sketchy. They can either look super cute, or look bucktoothed. Most of the time, I just look bucktoothed. I can say I played with my mouth sliders to fix my bucktoothy problem (I'd like to shout-out Olivia Connaught for helping me fix that) after I took these photos. But you can see how sometimes it may be difficult. At the same time, the mouth is adorable. It resembles Gemma Ward's perfect lips to a T for me. I also like how the nose and eyes accentuate the lips and bring the face to a full circle of exotic beauty, with a dash of hometown girl-feel. Now the eyebrows, not my faves. They look a little too harshly slanted for me. I thought it was maybe just my eyebrow base...nope. It's just how the eyebrows are. They are meant to look EVIIIIIL. Well, not literally. Either way, it really all looks freaking adorable. JM:Mai has really done a good job as normal. I would even go as far as to say that JM:Mai's Gemma skin outdoes Mother Goose's tenfold. It's way cuter with better textures IMHO.

My final words: This skin is not for everyone. Though I know people who have said they like it and that it's cute, I also know others who really dislike it (mostly the teeth part). So definitely demo the skin before buying it. That's not to say you shouldn't check it out! Do it, do it, do it! Can't knock it until you try it!


Outfit 1:
Skin: JM:Mai - skin_gemma (Tan freckle)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)
Eyes: !tb - Brown Eyes
Shirt: *Thimbles* - I <3 Plaid (Murphy)
Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts (Dark Blue)
Shoes: 50 Flats - Black Basic

Outfit 2:
Skin: JM:Mai - skin_gemma (Tan nkle)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)
Eyes: !tb - Brown Eyes
Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture - Down the Shore Tee
Skirt: ::{u.f.o}:: - blossom band long skirt
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals (White)

Outfit 3:
Skin: skin_gemma (Tan pure scar)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)
Eyes: !tb - Brown Eyes
Shirt: (Milk Motion) - my loose tshirt (Motel)
Skirt: (Milk Motion) - my leather fringes skirt (black)

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