Thursday, June 10, 2010


No, but I did. These hawt glasses here are from Reek. They're new! Now, I'm not exactly a glasses connoisseur (or however the hell that's spelled). I like some glasses. I'm a cute butterfly kitten style of glasses. But other than the occasional spunky adorable (possibly children's) glasses, I can tell you I never wear glasses. But these -- these aren't like the cutesy glasses I get from stores. These don't make you scream adorable kitten rainbows, but I like them anyway. Why? I'll save that for the next paragraph. But for now...let me introduce...*drum rolls*...Reek's NEW Park Shades!

Now, adorable spotted heart-shaped glasses are cute for cute outfits. Not for everyday. I can say the same about so many other glasses I own merely for their adorableness. Cute for certain days, but not an everyday deal. The glasses featured in this post are. These Park Shades not only have a thick rim that makes you look stylish in a library, dinner, morning, nerdy, hipster, office, and other setting, but they also come with a HUD so that you may change the colors of the arms, frames, and lenses of the glasses. So, wearing black and white today? Go ahead and make these glasses black and white. Though the colors are basic colors like pink, green, and blue (no mauve, sorry I was disappointed too), it's still pretty easy to find some color that matches the outfit of your choice! Heck, you can even go with a plain Weezer black and call it a day! It doesn't matter because the choice is all yours. These glasses...they're good for all occasions. I promise.

My final words: If you're definitely into glasses and can never let your av have two eyes, definitely check them out and click the buy button. If not, check them out, see if it's something you really need. If not, check out the many other glasses choices Reek has. They have tons of others and most are more than perfect for summer.



Hair: >TRUTH< - Tia (honey)
Skin: JM:Mai - skin_vivian[n]pure
Eyes: !tb - Brown Eyes
Glasses: Reek - Park Shades
Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture - Kettlecorn Cardigan (Gray)
Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts (Dark Blue)

(Excuse the boy in the pictures above.
He comes to my house to steal my food.)

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